Barankovics, István, (1906–1974)

Politician. After studying law, Barankovics began to work as an opposition journalist in the early 1930s. In 1943, he became editor-in-chief of the daily Magyar Nemzet, where his articles began to outline a programme of Christian democracy. He was obliged to work illegally during the Arrow-Cross period of 1944. In 1945, he became leader of the Democratic People’s Party. Despite irregularities in the 1947 elections, his party became the second largest in Parliament and strongest opposition force. Barankovics was elected to Parliament at that time. In January 1949, his party refused to condemn Cardinal Mindszenty, who was facing fabricated charges. However, on February 2, 1949, he bowed to political pressure, disbanded his party and fled abroad, settling in the United States in 1951. He became one of the leading political exiles in the 1960s.

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