Pártay, Tivadar (1908–1999)

Smallholder politician, schoolteacher and journalist. A founder member of the Independent Smallholders’ Party (FKgP) in 1932, he was a member of Parliament in 1945–8. He was arrested in 1949 and suffered internment at Kistarcsa and Recsk until the end of September 1953. He then worked as a manual labourer. On October 26, 1956, he became one of the people running the newspaper Magyar Nemzet, and on October 30, he was elected onto the Provisional National Executive of the revived FKgP. He was arrested in 1957, but released in 1958 without being charged. Thereafter he worked in various haulage enterprises. He was active in the revival of the FKgP in 1988, as its chairman and then from 1989, its honorary chairman in perpetuity.

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