Cordially invite you to the conference

Democracy, Memory and Moral Justice:
Confronting the Communist Past in East-Central Europe
The Romanian Experience

Monday, 31 May, 6 pm
Romanian Cultural Institute
1146 Budapest, Izsó utca 5.


Events and participants seen in the photographs of Piroska Nagy

Proclaiming of the republic, October 23, 1989

Persecution of Churches in the Communist Countries in Central and Eastern Europe
International Conference Bratislava,
September 30 - October 2, 2009
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Location: Faculty of Arts of Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic Event Starts on: September 7, 2008
Event ends on: September 9, 2008
Language: English, Czech, Polish
Organizer: Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes (CZ), Institute for the History of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution (HUN), Institute of National Remembrance (POL)
Program: here
Exhibition: here

The Trial – The 52-hour-long, uncut audio recording of the trial of Imre Nagy and fellow defendants
Galeria Centralis, Budapest, Arany János street 12.
June 9-15, 2008

Private history— 1956 and the Kádár period
has won the
Erasmus EuroMedia Prize.

The prize will be bestowed on June 22, 2006 in Vienna.

Links about 1956:

Budapest, a Capital of Freedom

Poznan – Budapest 1956

Canada: 50th Anniversary of the '56 Hungarian Revolution

The Political Rule and Social Self-Organisation in the Transitions in the Central East Europe after Second World War
International Conference
1-2 October, 2004

Cold War Conference in Budapest
"New Central and Eastern European Evidence on the Cold War in Asia"
An International Conference,
Budapest, Hungary
October 30-November 2, 2003

To be published
in December 17, 2002, 11 a.m.:
Travel against the public interest
(in Hungarian)

Director: Éva Pataki

To be published
in December 13, 2001, 11 a.m.:

Yearbook IX, 2001.
Hungary in the Present
(in Hungarian)
Edited by Zsuzsanna Kőrösi, János M. Rainer and Éva Standeisky

To be screened shortly:
The documentary film
‘János Kádár Goes into Retirement’

Directed by Zsuzsa Méry

Freedom's Photographer --- Jean-Pierre Pedrazzini Commemorative Exhibition

The exhibition can be viewed from
October 18, 2001 to November 9, 2001.

The Budapest French Institute (Budapest I., Fő utca 17.)

...where my father once walked --Photo exhibition
in the Small Gallery of the Central Library (Budapest VIII., Reviczky utca 3.)
The exhibition can be viewed to November 9, 2001.

Scholarly conference
October 15–16, 2001.

Recallers, Reminders, Forgetters—Four-and-a-Half Decades of Recollection of 1956

MTA Történettudományi Intézet, Jakobinus terem
Budapest, I. Országház u. 30.

The 1956 Institute is holding
an OPEN DAY on Friday,
October 19, 2001, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.,

to mark the 45th anniversary of the revolution and struggle for independence.
Visitors will be Institute’s research findings, its Internet service presenting the history of ’56, its 1956 Encyclopaedia, the CD–ROM about the 1944–53 period in Hungary, the library and video library, and the collection of the Oral History Archive. Researchers will be delighted to answer visitors’ questions.
The Institute’s publications will be on sale at specially reduced prices. We look forward to seeing all those who are interested.

Venue: The 1956 Institute (1956–os Intézet), 1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 74., 2nd floor.

Bilingual international conference (German and Hungarian)
September 20–23, 2001.
War Criminals in the 20th Century— Genesis, Consequence, Effect

Goethe Institute

September 11, 2001, 10.30 a.m.
We present our latest publication,
a CD–ROM History of Hungary 1944–56 (Hungarian). The new CD–ROM takes a similar approach to the multimedia CD–ROM digital teaching material ‘1956—Encyclopaedia of the Hungarian Revolution and Struggle for Independence’ developed in 1997–99.

The Institute for the History of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
Dohány utca 74.,1074 Budapest

February 1, 2000. 9,30
Helene Carrere d'Encausse: Russian archives - researchers' profits

(The lecture is in French with Hungarian translation).

The Institute for the History of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
Dohány utca 74.,1074 Budapest

December 14, 1999. 11,00
Press conference on three new publications of the 1956 Institute
Introduction by János M. Rainer, director of the Institute

The press conference and the wine and cheese party are sponsored by Dusóczky Cellar.

Évkönyv - 1999 (Yearbook - 1999)
Presented by Éva Standeisky.

Sponsored by the City of Budapest, Rónai and Co. and by Open Society Archive Budapest.

"Nagyon jó egyetemre jártam, a magyar forradalom egyetemére" Georgiosz Vasziliu elmondja életét Hegedűs B. Andrásnak ("It was a very good university, the university of the Hungarian Revolution." Georgios Vasiliu tells his life story to András B. Hegedűs.) Presented by András B. Hegedűs.

Sponsored by MEMRB International.

Budapest-Bukarest '56
Database of Roumanian documents on 1956 on the web. Presented by Katalin Somlai and Zoltán Lux.

Sponsored by Nemzeti Kulturális Alapprogram.

The books are available with 50% price reduction at the press conference.

The Institute for the History of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
Dohány utca 74.,1074 Budapest


January 28, 1999, Thursday, 6 pm.

10 years of freedom
1956 in Hungarian Historical Thought

The exhibit will be opened by Mr. Domokos Kosary, historian, former President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Mr. Arpad Goncz, President of the Hungarian Republic, will grace the event with his presence.

Galeria Centralis

Budapest, Nádor u. 11., Budapest


December 16, 1998. 16,30
Press conference on "Évkönyv - 1998" (Yearbook - 1998)

The book is presented by GYÖRGY LITVÁN, editor-in-chief
and JÁNOS M.RAINER, director of the 1956 Institute.

After the presentation PÉTER KENDE, Chairman of the Board of Trustees gives a briefing on the presence and future of the Institute.

Special guest: ÁRPÁD GÖNCZ, President of the Hungarian Republic

The Institute for the History of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
Dohány utca 74.,1074 Budapest


October 19, 1998. 11.00

Press conference on the digital course material about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution

The Institute for the History of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
Dohány utca 74.,1074 Budapest


September 11, 1998 - October 18, 1998
Political transition, 1945-1949 (exhibition)

Hungarian National Gallery